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With over 35 years of pioneering innovation in both real-time operating systems and embedded virtualization, TenAsys® Corporation designs unique solutions that enable simultaneous, side-by-side real-time and embedded application consolidation onto the same PC hardware.

Our tenacity for creating innovative software, combined with outstanding support, enable our customers to reduce cost and complexity without sacrificing the determinism or independence that embedded applications demand.

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Discover how our customers have created innovative solutions using TenAsys® embedded virtualization technology.

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Command Alkon

Command Alkon harnesses TenAsys eVM® for Windows* and Intel* technologies to enable a single system to reliably and securely support both general-purpose and real-time operating systems.

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TenAsys® works with partners and standards/trade organizations around the planet to ensure that hardware, software, and tools easily integrate into a more complete solution stack that addresses your particular needs. Our work and optimizations mean you don’t have to build a solution yourself, helping you accelerate your time to market.

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We are tenacious about delivering solutions for your success. We are ready to help you solve your most pressing real-time and Windows* applications consolidation problems using innovative embedded virtualization solutions. For an introduction to our products, contact one of our worldwide offices.

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